Booking Bands


Some of my favorites:

Charlie Daniels and the Chocolate Factory

The Who Moved My Cheese

The Necronomiconway Twitty

Abba Karenina

The Sun Also RZA

The Reverend Horton Heat Hears a Who

The Maltese Falco

Chicken Soup for the De La Soul

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Megadeth of a Salesman

I'm Ok, You're Ok Go

Charlie and the C&C Music Factory

10,000 Maniacs Under the Sea



is finally here, with thunderstorms, weddings, and bugs, Bugs, BUGS! I mean, weddings, Weddings, WEDDINGS!


Sonja & Jonathan chose 6-7-8 as their date, and had a perfect Saturday in the midst of a stormy week of weather. Which was important, as there was a planned procession from the church to the reception.


Upon our arrival at the reception there were toasts...


and then, like a sudden summer storm, things got ugly.

Trouble by the pool

always wear protection

Or at least weird. But only for a little while. A more normal agenda of drinks, dinner, dancing, and sleepy babies quickly resumed.

Alex & Calvin : photo by Val

Yes, both Calvin and I are sleepy babies. It was a great visit, a great wedding, and Val and I took notes. CONGRATULATIONS to Sonja & Jonathan!

First dance

We returned to CT via heatwave. Things have normalized to acceptable summer levels, but there were a few days this week that were sizzling. Things are looking good for this weekend, which is good because it's somebody's birthday.

Val @ firebox

Per her request, we returned to Firebox restaurant last night, to dine on delicious Connecticut cuisine. We started off with two tatamagouche oysters (sorry, no picture, I was too excited), and then...

There was Fiddlehead Fern Gratin.

fiddlehead gratin

Spring Asparagus with Smoked Shad

Asparagus with smoked shad

Flounder with peapods, lima beans, string beans, and olive tapanade


Salmon with peas, carrots, and more fiddleheads


With some white wine for the lady, some gin martinis for me, and this for dessert, with espresso, of course.

firebox dessert

This is Chocolate Crème, according to the dessert menu. That means a sugar-wafer bowl, coated inside with chocolate, filled with a hazelnut butter, chocolate mousse-like substance, whipped cream, and some other variety of chocolate coated crispy/nutty wafer in the middle, with a sprig of mint, and orange caramel sauce. Yes, it was that good.

On a side note, here are the decanters from the silent auction. One for me, specifically...

scotch decanter

...and another just because no one else bid on it.

decanter 2

I always thought decanters were a kind of cheesy, bygone-era sort of thing, but I had never experienced solid, heavy, "real" decanters before. I love 'em!

Also, I've decided to start knitting calamari.

Inky Red Eye

This is my first prototype, but i have to adjust the body shape a little, and find the right kind of "eyes" for them. They are quick and easy, and besides looking funny, have great potential as cat toys.

See you soon!