bleu cheese

A sheep's milk bleu cheese, from Spain. Extra strength, to say the least.

bleu cheese

Not for the faint of heart or nose, but delicious!

We saw some other growths this weekend as well.

Mountain laurel
mountain laurel

Lots o' lichen
cabbage lichen



AND this freaky-ass thing...


...which I'm sure is perfectly plant-like and beautiful normally, but in it's current state made me afraid to breathe too close to it, lest it release a cloud of spores that got into my system and took over my brain.

What's that? Too much X-Files you say? Oh no, no, no, Doctor Who and a host of other sci-fi got to me long before Mulder and Scully came along. Besides, the more I learn about plants and specifically fungus, the more I'm amazed at what they can do.


What is your least favorite word?





I've never felt so crafty before...



Huzzah for Doc's Oc!



Midtown Photo, my localest of local photo stores closed up shop last month. There was a big pile of boxes and bags out on the curb last week, so I decided to stop by and take a look. I ended up with photographic odds and ends, and what I thought were a few rolls of expired film. There were a few 35mm rolls and some 120, but this little striped box was not film at all.

Crystar camera

It was a tiny box with a picture of a camera on it that contained...wait for it...A TINY CAMERA!

Crystar camera

These were apparently the kind of thing you'd see advertised in the back of comic books as "spy" cameras, very cheaply made little pressed metal pieces, but they did actually have film, and you could actually get it processed.

Crystar camera

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tinyness of it, but I'm almost just as thrilled to have the box, with the stripeyness and the strange, strange illustration on the top, of a ?girl? ?forcing? a ?goose? to give ?her? a ?kiss?, or whatever...

Crystar camera

Oh, and in case you didn't get it already, IT IS TINY!!!

Crystar camera

Stephen P. Morgan

turned himself in to police this evening in Meriden, CT. He is currently in custody in Middletown and will be in court in the morning.


News from Middletown

Today a Wesleyan student was shot and killed while working, in what was apparently a specifically targeted attack. She was an employee at the Red and Black Café located inside Broad Street Books, about two blocks off campus.

The facts are still being filtered, but the victim was Johanna Justin-Jinich, a junior at Wesleyan. The shooter has been identified as Stephen Morgan, 29, with no known connection to Wesleyan.

So far he has not been apprehended, and Middletown residents have been advised to stay inside and stay vigilant. There was supposedly some police/SWAT activity at a local hotel, but nothing has been reported officially.



Now, where was I?


Hats Anonymous

March 13 would have been dad's 68th birthday, so I took a quick trip to hang out with friends and family. And some tiny people I hardly even know yet. A fine time was had by all. I think.

Jamaica Plain, MA

wine beaker

The next weekend Val had a conference in Boston so we took a quick trip and stayed with our friend Heather and ate and drank delicious things.


Merry Maschwitzes

The following weekend it was a return to MN for more family/friend fun in early April. But we did need to get back home...

Middletown, CT

A man and his cheese

Because we had houseguests coming. Houseguests who like to model cheese.

Philladelphia, PA

69th Street

Another weekend, another roadtrip. This time to Philly to see Flight of the Conchords @ the Tower Theater. We were in the nosebleed section with some really drunk asshole, but in all seriousness it was totally worth it. It was hilarity and the next day we went to the disturbingly informative Mütter Museum, which was also totally worth it, disturbingly informative, and there was something eerily familiar about the place. Turns out that last part was just Ben, who happened to be visiting the Mütter on the same day at the same time. The next day he came to...


a boy and his camera

Where we ate and drank and made pinhole cameras for World Pinhole Photography Day, April 26, 2009. Then Ben was on to other locations, and this past weekend we were off to...

Brooklyn, NY

Rachel, Liv & Emily

To visit new parents Emily and Rachel, but really to meet little Liv, and to eat and drink more delicious things.


Click the pictures above for more pictures specific to each location. Now you're all caught up, and I can go to bed. GOODNIGHT!