I like bowling. I'm not good at it, I don't do it often, but I do enjoy it. The problem is that it is expensive in NC, for some reason. It isn't the winter sport that it is in the Midwest, and I think that the alleys have realized that they can use the "movie theater technique" and overcharge for their services as well as their concessions. I will definitely be figuring out the best times to go for reduced rates, and I am going to purchase my own shoes in order to avoid the shoe rental fees. $3.25 per person shoe rental, plus $4.50 per person per game isn't as fun.

What IS fun is SPEEDBOWL! We went bowling last night and had 6 people. We ended up getting some package deal that was about $5 per person per game. It was one lane for two hours, and we got through two full games and had about 15 minutes left. We started a new game and threw as fast as we could. I think we got through three full frames before time was up. SPEEDBOWL! SPEEDBOWL! SPEEDBOWL!


Just when you think you're gonna get through a month in NC without any catastrophe, you get EARTHQUAKE! Well, we didn't really get anything bad, but I felt it. I thought a dump truck drove down our street or something. So, let's see, that leaves...

Plague (locusts, frogs, bubonic)
Fire and/or Brimstone

WOW! Only three to go!


Home visit: December 20 - January 3. I'm surprised I got the time off, but that's one benefit of having several part-time jobs. Actually, it's the only benefit.

I plan on having lots of down-time at my parent's house, but if you, dear reader, are in the Twin Cities (or will be), let me know and I will be happy to meet you for coffee, drinks or sledding. Or cookie making. Or eggnog. Or thrifting. Or whatever. Just no ice skating, I suck at that.