The other day Val and I went to the local vegetarian Indian restaurant for an early-ish dinner, and I ordered the M.L.A. Pesarat, which aparently means giant triangle. The restaurant is the Udupi Café, which actually happens to have locations here in North Carolina AND in Minnesota. To those of you in the Twin Cities, I recommend the Udupi as delicious and cheap Indian food. Let me know if you check it out.

In other news, my ultra cheap glasses arrived in the mail yesterday. I got a lightweight wireframe pair, and a semi-translucent plastic frame pair. The plastic ones have a clear plastic frame with a black coating on the front and sides. From the front, they look like cool black hipster frames that all the kids are wearing, but fromm where I'm sittin' there's clear plastic around each eye, which reduces the heavy frame look for me, the wearer. I like them, but I'm getting a little queasy getting used to wearing them all the time. No headaches, just a little light headed. Should be an exciting drive to work...


Let's see if this post-by-e-mail thing is working yet...


What's worse than Starbucks? Well, nothing, but McCafé will be a close second worst place if it ever takes off here. The article link is from 2000, but the local paper here said today that Raleigh is being considered as a test market, along with San Jose and some other US cities that aparently have a high quantity of mindless consumers (no argument here) who would like their coffeeshops even more cookie cutter than Starbucks. They tried one in Chicago and it lasted less than a year, so hopefully it'll crap out here too.

WHOA. That month went by quickly. Now the working summer has begun. Val has 2, maybe 3 jobs, and I have 3 myself. None of which are full-time, but all scheduled so that we didn't really see much of each other during the past week. Hopefully the rest of the summer won't be quite so bad as we ease into our new routines.

Good to see those of you that were in the Twin Cities last week. While I was there I got my eyes checked and next time it'll be nice to actually SEE you. Ha ha. 10+ years of late nights and computer screens=glasses. I'm excited to "geek it up a notch", though most folks with glasses said the novelty wears thin pretty quickly. I guess that's what novelty frames are for. I got a lightweight wire frame pair with rectangular lenses, and a black plastic frame pair in the style that all the hip kids are wearing these days. They're being sent my way from MN, so as soon as I get them I'll post some pictures.

Other stuff I got in MN.
Bis - intendo
Campfighter - Campfighter (TC rock from my parent's former neighbor)
The Doxies - TInderbox Tragedy (purchased from them after their show at the Turf Club, to help pay for the new water pump that their band van needs...)
V/A - Up In Orbit! (Up Records compilation featuring such favorites as Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Quasi, Incredible Force of Junior, Land of the Loops, and many others)
mc solaar - Prose Combat
V/A - Ray Charles, Artist's Choice (a peek into Ray's record collection)
Dilated Peoples - Expansion Team
Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly
Ol' Yeller - Penance (also purchased after the show at the Turf Club, mostly because the band did Johnny Cash covers for their encore)
Everything but the Girl - Amplified Heart
Everything but the Girl - The Language of Life
V/A - Back to Mine, Vol. 4, Everything but the Girl (a cd series where the artist(s) choose tracks that are from their own collections of favorites, then rework/remix some of them)

AND I received my belated birthday DVD from my brother, the classic of classics, Shaolin Challenges Ninja. PLEASE ACCEPT MY SWORD!