My free blogger sweatshirt arrived yesterday. I shall proudly wear it and whore for them publicly. Especially since they're now owned by Google, my favorite search engine and source of news.

Blogging is fun, often pointless, and often too much information, but y'all should try it out. I highly recommend it. I also recommend Hostess Orange Cupcakes. Especially for Halloween.


Hmmm, I guess I'd better do something more with this site. One World Hosting has decided to double the server space for all accounts. For the same price per month. That was nice of them.

My folks are coming for a visit (finally!) to NC. Early November is perfect here (as is October, and probably the rest of November) with the extended fall weather and the leaves slowly changing. Today is beautiful, sunny and 75, and here I am in front of the computer...gotta go! BYE!


Happy SPUTNIK day!


I am incredibly sad to report that our foster kitten Max died this afternoon during a minor procedure that required him to be sedated. There is always a risk of death with sedation, but Max was so happy and coming along so well that we just wanted to help him get better and stronger, and we didn't expect the unexpected. Sad. Tiny and sad.


Well, well, well, October already and what do I have to show for it? 5 cats. We have 3 perma-cats, one outdoor rescue adult and one outdoor rescue kitten. The kitten is the best becuse it came from a feral (wild) cat community. It was hissing at us in the tiniest, quietest, cutest hiss for the first day or two. Now that it sees us as food providers, it purrs when we pet it and likes to sleep on the bed at night.

The other foster cat we have was living outside for a year or so before someone trapped him and took him to the vet. He was quiet and scared when he got here, but we did the food=trust gig with him and he's warmed right up. He's in one bedroom, the kitten is in the other bedroom, and the perma-cats are confused and upset by it all. They'll get over it.