For Worse...

I wasn't supposed to come home from vacation yet.

I am home, and glad to be here. Val is in VA learning even more about books. Right until I got on to my connecting flight from Philly yesterday, all was well.

First the flight crew was late getting in from another flight. Then they got us all boarded and we were delayed taking off, due to thunderstorms, FOR THREE HOURS! We all stayed on the plane (they said they'd go back to the terminal if any of us asked them to) and finally took off. My ride home from the airport was waiting for about three hours as well, but she had thought to bring a book, and she is very patient. Then, on the way home from the airport, there was an extreme downpour just as we were driving through Hartford and one by one the dashboard gauges stopped working. Just as we exited CT 9 in Middletown, the car stalled and wouldn't start again. I hopped out and push-rolled the car out of the intersection (don't tell my cardiologist!) and we called AAA. They came and towed the car a block away to Precision Auto Body and I just walked home from there, not wanting to take any more chances on motorized transportation.

Me thinks I shoulda sailed home. Yarrrr!

Still more of last week to come! Stay tuned!

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